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Nothing beautifies a backyard like a beautiful pergola that complements your home. Choose from solid style pergolas that include options such as ceiling fans insulated panes that help increase your energy efficiency. We also carry a range of solid style and open style pergolas, as well as end-cut options. No matter what style you choose, it will be installed by the experts at Add A Sun Installations of Beaumont, TX.

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• Scallop

• Bevel

• Miter

• Corbel

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The best part about your new pergola is that it will last and stay beautiful because we choose only the best materials. Your new installation offers low maintenance, complete resistance to weather, no cracking, warping, splitting, peeling, and will never need to be repainted. You can choose from options like vinyl and wood, and we will ensure its durability by covering it with Aluma-Shield paint, and a Teflon surface. Get your FREE estimate today!

Durable, low-maintenance materials

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